Real Estate Transactions

If you are selling or purchasing rural or urban land or a home on your own, I can assist you with structuring and closing your sale. As an experienced real estate attorney I can help you navigate the legal and practical complexities of such a transaction, including:

  • purchase and sale agreement preparation;
  • negotiation consultation;
  • due diligence (title review, environmental assessments, disclosures, etc.);
  • deed preparation, closing documentation, and escrow review;
  • easement preparation;
  • inter-generational farm conveyances;
  • legal advice, interpretation of documents, and counsel.

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Dispute Resolution

Additionally, if you have a property dispute―such as a boundary line disagreement or other encroachment―regarding your home, farm, or forest lands, I can represent you to reach an agreement with the other party using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) through negotiation and mediation,