Real estate lawyers help clients with documenting transactions and resolving disputes with land. If you live in the Portland metro area you may need a real estate lawyer for:

  • selling or purchasing property without a realtor;
  • leasing or renting property;
  • drafting an access or utility easement;
  • preparing an easement to resolve boundary discrepancies or encroachments.

The purchase and sale of property is very intricate and the legal aspects can be difficult to understand, so bringing in the help of a real estate lawyer may be helpful in navigating this process. For both buying and selling property, a lawyer can assist with negotiations, contract preparation, due diligence, closing documentation, and escrow review, among other things.

Portland, Oregon property owners also have to deal with real estate disputes on occasion. Some of them are boundary line disagreements and encroachments, that can be resolved through the negotiation of a mutually agreeable easement between the parties. 

If you or someone you know near the Portland Metro area needs a real estate attorney, William F. Paulus helps clients solve their legal problems and he strives to assist clients the best way possible. 

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