Every day we use real property in some way or another, whether its your home, apartment, business or place of recreation. Consequently, a complex body of real estate laws has evolved over the years to help establish and protect property rights, facilitate property transactions, and create avenues to resolve disputes involving real estate. Sometimes situations require you to hire an experienced attorney to help you navigate these legal intricacies.

Oregon born, raised and educated in Oregon, William F. Paulus is an experienced real estate attorney in Portland Oregon who is interested in the legal issues involving the land and enjoys representing clients in real estate, land use, and land conservation matters.

William F. Paulus

William F. Paulus

The real estate matter you’re facing could be:

  • resolving a boundary discrepency
  • reviewing an access or utility easement
  • selling or buying a home without a realtor
  • government acquisition of your property

I focus on helping people solve their problems, and strive to provide results-oriented legal services through a positive attorney-client relationship.

You can find out more about me by reading the “About Page” or send me an email