NW Land Camp 2019 Workshop

Photo by Patrick Perkins

Photo by Patrick Perkins

Most Good Deeds Go Unpunished: The Importance of Title Review in Land Protection

Presented at Land Camp 2019, held at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, this workshop was designed as an overview of the title review process required for most conservation real property transactions, whether an acquisition for fee title or a conservation easement. 

Topics covered:

  • the importance of title review, what it entails, and how to do it

  • which title exceptions are standard and acceptable

  • which title exceptions can be removed and how

  • the purpose of title insurance and the elements of title insurance policies

  • how to work with your title company to achieve best results

  • the intersection of well-prepared deeds and title insurance policy commitments

  • what funders typically require regarding title review and deeds 

The slide deck is available here for review.