According to the Oregon Department of Forestry, about 48% of Oregon’s total landmass is covered by forests. About 35% of those forests are privately owned. The rest is owned by the government and other public agencies. Because of this large percentage of forested area in Oregon, timber trespass is a salient issue.

Under Oregon law, anyone who, without lawful authority, willfully cuts or removes trees, shrubs, or produce from the land of another may be subject to triple damages for the resulting loss of value to the property owner. The reasonable cost of restorations activities related the injury sustained by the landowner may also be awarded by a court. 

Because timber trespassing may constitute a significant invasion to one’s property and result in substantial monetary losses, it is helpful to consult with an attorney experienced in real estate, property vaulations, and timber trespass to discuss your legal remedies in this situation.  

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