For Sale by Owner

So you have decided to sell your home without a realtor—probably because you are savvy and wish to save as much money as possible on transaction costs.

This means in the next few months you’ll be:

  • Choosing a good selling price;
  • Putting your listing in the MLS;
  • Marketing through sites like Craigslist;
  • Putting up a “for sale by owner” sign;
  • Holding an open house;
  • Showing your home.

Before you do, it is advisable to speak with an attorney experienced with real estate transactions. The sale of your home involves a number of important of legal documents that you may desire some help with, such as seller’s disclosures forms, sales agreements, counter offers, and escrow documents. Negotiations on purchase price and other terms of the sale are another important area where an attorney can assist a for-sale-by-owner client. 

William F. Paulus, Attorney at Law, is experienced with the paper work of real estate sales and as a former real estate negotiator for Portland’s regional government has practical and tested negotiation skills to advocate for your best interests throughout the sales process.

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